I'm Sabrina Servat, an Argentinian artist based in Amsterdam, NL. I would like to tell you the story that brought me to this beautiful present I'm living. 

When I was very young, I decided to embark on an artistic adventure that would leave a lasting mark on our family home. It was a bright and sunny afternoon, the kind of day that makes a child's imagination run wild. Armed with some acrylic paints, I stood in the hallway, staring at the blank expanse of wall that seemed to beckon my creativity.

With childlike enthusiasm, I started sketching a tree on the wall. My young hand moved with unwavering determination, translating the image from my mind onto the white canvas of the hallway. I added branches that reached for the ceiling, roots that seemed to disappear into the floor, and leaves that had a psychedelic style. The colors of nature began to take shape in vibrant acrylic hues.

As I worked on my impromptu mural, the world seemed to stand still, lost in the simple act of creation. I was so absorbed in my task that I barely noticed the time passing. Little did I know that my mother had been napping in the adjoining room.

Eventually, my mother, still half-asleep, made her way to the hallway. The sight that greeted her eyes was a tree in full bloom, stretching across the wall with youthful exuberance.

She gazed at the artwork with a mixture of surprise and delight. Seeing her little artist hard at work, she couldn't help but smile.

In the years that followed, that tree was a reminder that sometimes, the most beautiful art is born from the purest of intentions and the simplest of beginnings.


Sabrina Servat painting